UNE 175001 – Commercial Quality

Customers, who are increasingly knowledgeable and demanding with the products and services they purchase, need guarantees, at least for their initial purchase decision, that the product will meet their expectations, and that their needs, both before and after the purchase, will be listened to and understood.

These guarantees are evidenced through quality certifications and, more specifically in the case of small businesses, through the UNE 175001 quality standard.. It includes quality certificates for different types of shops (optician’s shop, florist’s, fishmonger’s, butcher’s…) and is perfectly adapted to the characteristics of each of them.

The UNE-175001 standard specifies the requirements of a quality management system applied to small commerce, which enables:

  • To improve the quality of service provided to customers.
  • To improve management in commercial establishments.
  • To improve professional skills.
  • To professionalise management in the establishments, enhancing the development of human resources.
  • To provide customers with a guarantee of the quality of the service they will be receiving.
  • To differentiate from the competition thanks to the quality of the service.