ISO 66102 – Technical Centres of Tachographs

It specifies the minimum service provision requirements to be met by both analogue and digital tachograph technical centres.

It covers the management of the technical centres,including facilities and service provision, so as to ensure that the interventions carried out on tachographs are in accordance with defined, measurable and traceable procedures.

It applies to all technical centres that undergo certification, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 125/2017 of 24 February, which establishes the technical requirements and performance standards to be met by tachograph technical centres.

  • It integrates all the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.
  • It defines national authorisation and supervision procedures for such centres.
  • It unifies the regulation of analogue and digital tachographs.
  • Obligatory certification under UNE 66102 from the expiry of the UNE 66926:2012 certificate, which defines the specific requirements for digital tachograph technical centres.

UNE 66926:2012

The important role of digital tachographs in the field of road safety has led the administration to place particular requirements on the technical centres. According to RD 425/2005, this certification is compulsory for all Authorised Technical Centres that install, verify, control and inspect digital tachographs.