ISO 158101 – Dependency

The UNE 158101 family of standards includes a specific management standard for the sector of residencesfor the elderly or people with disabilities.

Specifically, the UNE 158101:2015 standard, for the management of residential centres -whether with or without integrated day or night centres- specifies the minimum requirements these institutions must meet to guarantee the quality of the service provided to the elderly and people in a situation of dependency.

The 158101 standards are designed to homogeneously regulate aspects of facilities, equipment, service provision, user information and communication, service contracting, health, hygiene and psychosocial care protocols, human resources and quality management. The aim of these standards is to lay the foundations for a service system that generates trust in society.

The standards relating to dependency are:

  • UNE 158101: Residential care
  • UNE 158102: Day or Night Centres.
  • UNE 158103: Home Help Service
  • UNE 158104: Telecare