Carbon Footprint – Environmental Verification

Climate change is one of the biggest worries of today´s society. It is provoked by Green House Gases (GHS), specially by CO2. It has become clear that human activity is the main cause of global warming.

Related to this, the concept of Carbon Footprint, which measures the total GHG emitted directly or indirectly by an individual, organisation, event or product, emerges as a subset of the ecological footprint concept.

QALMA, as a specialised consultancy firm, collaborates with organisations in the calculation of the Carbon Footprint, since its measurement, in addition to having three fundamental objectives (to know the environmental impact, to reduce the impact through public commitment and to communicate the commitment to society), provides real economic and ecological benefits: improving the export of companies, improving the brand image and reducing costs, among others.

The Carbon Footprint calculation is aimed at any organisation, regardless of size or activity. This is a measurement of maximum interest for organisations that are subject to GHG emission limitations by law, but also for all those that wish to obtain the above-mentioned benefits.

For the calculation process, QALMA first carries out an initial diagnosis to determine the organisation’s activity and its needs. Thus, the emission sources and the scope of calculation are identified. Subsequently, the Carbon Footprint is calculated and, once the results have been obtained, the organisation decides whether to proceed to verification by an independent third body (Certification Entity), to obtain the corresponding certificate.

By providing services for the CALCULATION OF THE CARBON FOOTPRINT in the different ORGANISATIONS, QALMA fulfils its main objectives: